The ease of use and long list of features make the Logitech Harmony 880 a great Christmas gift.

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The Logitech Harmony 880 And My Experience

When my younger sister moved out of mom and dad’s house into her first apartment, naturally all of her electronics went with her – specifically her television and DVD player. In addition, of course, after she had the place decorated and set up to her liking, all of her remote controls had disappeared, because normal remote controls always seem to disappear. If it is not dropped in a couch cushion or carried absentmindedly into the kitchen during commercials, it seems as if they sometimes just decide to fall off the planet forever. Hers were that kind, of course: nowhere to be found after the last box was folded up and recycled. It became a family joke because for some reason, she could not figure out how to make her Cable TV remote do anything with her DVD player, even though it was supposed to be compatible.

Since it was only a week or so before Christmas, I got her one of those little universal remotes as a combination of practical and gag gift. We all laughed, and I helped her configure it, which was sort of a nuisance, but at least she could use it to change channels, AND watch her DVD movies, AND adjust the volume.

This was a major triumph, at least until her old DVD player died and she got a new one…and she was right back to multiple remotes and losing one or the other every few days, because even the so-called universal remote did not want to work on the brand new model she had gotten.Logitech Harmony 880 Screen

Therefore, this Christmas, I plan to get her a Logitech Harmony 880 Universal Remote Control like I have. It is pretty expensive compared to other universal remotes out there, so it will definitely be a combination Christmas and Birthday gift, but it will be well worth it. I love mine, and I know she will love hers. It is called a universal learning remote control, because it can learn how to operate a device from the existing remote (before you pack the old one away forever). This is very handy for the cutting edge technology that may not have shown up in the database yet.

I will probably still help her set it up, but I doubt I will need to. It is all easily done by connecting to the internet. The setup process asks you a few questions and your answers get you started. In addition, if anything does not seem to be working properly, you can get help right from the remote itself as you go through some basic troubleshooting and implementing fixes in a sensible, step-by-step fashion called ‘Remote Assistance.’ This feature is turned off permanently on my own Harmony 880, but I have it set up just how I like, and I’ve never had my sister’s shortcoming in figuring them out. She will probably get a lot of use out of Remote Assistance, and I will probably get a lot fewer phone calls to help her configure her newest purchase.

It has a nice, built-in LED screen display, which surprisingly is not too obnoxiously bright to use when you are watching television or movies in the dark. In addition, the database of codes for different remote controls that it can access is simply enormous. There is no need to fight with any of her electronic components. All you have to have is an internet connection and every device you want to control electronically should be set up and working fine in no time.

In addition, the most recent model of the Harmony 880 comes with built-in lithium ion batteries that recharge as it sits in its cradle. Not only does this means no more dead batteries, the cradle itself also adds to making it harder to lose. Moreover, everyone knows that is a big plus, especially for my sister.

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